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2006 Grant Awards

2006 Grant Awards | Archive

2006 Grant Awards


$62,000 to provide environmental education and place-based training to educators and leaders from outdoor education programs.

Aim High

$33,000 to provide urban middle school-age youth with hands-on experiences that foster environmental awareness, personal growth and interpersonal understanding and to facilitate their transition to high school.

Ambrose Recreation and Park District

$45,000 to improve and maintain the Olympic size pool which provides recreation to the residents of the Bay Point community.

Bear Mountain Recreation & Park District

$100,000 to build a new community pool in Lamont.

Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance (Chico)

$18,400 towards the Big Chico Creek Youth Stream Team which will help underserved youth develop an understanding of watershed ecology.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento (Sacramento)

$10,000 towards the Health & Heritage Garden which will engage youth in gardening and science activities that are integrally connected to the diverse cultural backgrounds of their families and community.

California State Parks Foundation &Pacific Leadership Institute

$133,000 to expand its FamCamps and Youth Leadership Institutes into the communities of the East Bay and Stockton.

California Waterfowl Association (Sacramento)

$17,000 towards the Youth Leadership in Environmental Education program that brings high school and elementary students of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds together to discover their roles as wetland stewards.

Calvine High School (Sacramento)

$1,500 towards the Strawberry Creek Environmental Classroom where students engage in service learning at a local creek and apply their knowledge from field activities into cross curricular lessons in math, science, English, civics and economics.

Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center (CREEC)

$17,000 to support the Open Space Hike and Learning Project which will involve local youth in exploring, discovering, exercising, and learning in the open spaces surrounding their urban communities.

Central California Consortium

$40,000 grant to implement a leadership, environmental restoration and educational program for underserved youth within Fresno County.

City of Parlier

$140,000 to build a multi-purpose park with a soccer field and baseball diamonds in the center of Parlier.

Community Youth Center

$42,500 grant to provide out-of-school sports opportunities for immigrant youth with the goal of providing leadership training and motivating them to become future leaders of tomorrow.

Cottage Housing Inc./SKYLAB Youth Productions Studio (Sacramento)

$16,000 towards Project Full Circle which offers an environmental education program designed to help youth gain a better understanding of themselves, their environment and their impact on the environment.

Daly City Parks & Recreation &Jefferson Unified High School District

$150,000 to purchase alternatively fueled 8-passenger vans to transport youth to school programs and help youth access outdoor experiences

Downtown High School's Get Out & Learn

$17,000 to continue the wilderness expedition program, a cornerstone experience that teaches responsibility, perseverance and natural consequences to students

East Bay Asian Local Development Lions Creek Crossing

$175,000 to plant vegetation and install lighting in East Oakland’s Lion Creek Crossings Park.

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (Richmond)

$15,000 towards the Advancement Diploma Program's Urban Environment Project which conducts a hands-on exploration for youth, grades seven to eleven, of the city’s urban environment and the concomitant health issues facing its population

Environmental Traveling Companion

$40,000 grant to help disadvantaged and disabled teens develop skills in outdoor leadership, teamwork, interpersonal communication, job readiness and conservation education.

Feather River Land Trust

$25,000 grant to preserve natural areas in close proximity to public middle and high schools within the Feather River Watershed for environmental education purposes.

Fresh Lifelines for Youth

$45,000 grant to the organization’s Leadership Program which empowers youth in the juvenile justice system to become socially responsible citizens.

Fresno Parks Department After school Enrichment Program

$45,000 grant to buy a mobile recreation vehicle that will bring staff and programs to underused parks.

The Friendship Club

$5,000 to fund a project assistant for its program that teaches disadvantaged adolescent girls in Nevada City important life skills, and empowers them to complete their educations and live responsible lives.

The Girl Scouts of Monterey Bay

$16,000 to support The Artemis Leadership Training Adventure (ALTA), a year-long leadership development program.

The Girls Club of the Mid-Peninsula

$7,500 to support the In Contact With Nature Program which will bring after-school and summer enrichment programs to underserved San Mateo County.

Golden Gate Audubon Society (Berkeley)

$6,000 towards the Eco-Oakland Program which is an environmental education program that introduces underserved East Oakland youth and their families to watershed protection, connects them with their local environment and engages them in restoring local habitats.

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

$15,000 to support LINC (Linking Individuals with the Natural Community), an in-depth six-week natural resource-based summer job program for high school students.

Hanford Elementary School District Education Foundation

$100,000 to create middle school curriculum and staff training programs for the proposed Burris Park Outdoor School.

The Hayes Valley Neighborhood PARKS Group

$15,000 to support teens and young adults to become environmental educators and stewards for the Koshland Park Community Learning Garden Program (KPCLG). *No website available.

Healing Waters

$10,000 to provide an opportunity for underserved HIV+ youth to discover and explore the outdoors

Homeless Garden Project (Santa Cruz)

$19,000 towards Cultivating Community which provides middle and high school aged youth with opportunities to improve their knowledge of ecology, nutrition and civics through working on a community-oriented organic farm.

The Kern County Probation Department

$13,000 to support the Camp Owen Project, a residential institution for the rehabilitation of delinquent boys, a program that emphasizes work, discipline and outdoor education. *No website available

Literacy for Environmental Justice

$45,000 grant to develop an environmental education and community center at Heron's Head Park in Bayview Hunters Point.

Mendocino County Youth Project

$45,000 grant to develop programs for underserved youth that will focus on accessing and exploring the wilderness and parks of Mendocino County during the summer.

Mendocino Latinos para la Comunidad (Ukiah)

$17,000 towards Proyecto Afueras which is an outdoor education program for low income Latino youth in Mendocino County

Mission High School

$15,000 to help students become stewards for the environment by developing a hands-on appreciation and an understanding of nature.

Muir Heritage Land Trust (Martinez)

$18,500 towards the partnership of the Alhambra Creek Restoration and Environmental Educational Collaborative and the Environmental Studies Academy for the purposes of providing at-risk youth in Martinez with access to service learning field trips, restoration projects and adventure and wilderness education opportunities.

Native American Health Center

$42,500 grant to initiate a culturally relevant outdoor wilderness program for urban youth.

North County Recreation and Park District

$50,000 grant to work with youth on creating more than three miles of nature trails with fitness and interpretive stations within the Moro Cojo Slough open space in North Monterey County.

North Fork Mono Rancheria

f$18,000 to host a Culture Camp for Mono Youth, an outdoor education experience on Mono Aboriginal Lands led by elders and other cultural experts to educate youth on tribal traditions and customs. *No website available.

Oasis High School

$15,500 to support outdoor-based leadership development, conservation, outdoor recreation and ecological discovery for 150 inner-city Oakland youth.

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

$100,000 to create the Pajaro Valley High School's environmental education initiative, ECO-Teach, and develop supporting partnerships for the program.

Pala Middle School (San Jose)

$12,500 towards the Wilderness Club which conducts excursions for youth to explore wilderness areas, conduct project-based activities and engage in service-learning projects.

Project Avary

$45,000 grant to implement a year-round environmental stewardship program for children with incarcerated parents

Sagehen Sedgwick Field Stations, University of California, Berkeley

$65,000 to expand the Adventure Risk & Challenge program which provides leadership and literacy training through outdoor experiences for English language learners.

San Francisco Parks Trust

$100,000 to help create parks and open space out of undeveloped land in San Francisco neighborhoods.

Seven Tepees

$18,000 to support youth volunteering in urban parks doing environmental and beautification projects, while participating in an 8-week academic summer boot camp.

Stanislaus Community Foundation

$37,000 grant to construct a basketball court at George A. Rogers Neighborhood Park.

Trust for Public Land

$50,000 grant to help build and maintain Bertha Port Park which offers recreation opportunities to residents in West Oakland.

Unity Council

$45,000 grant to improve unsafe school playgrounds in the Fruitvale community.

Urban Sprouts

$10,000 to help provide ongoing outdoor learning experiences in the school garden for over 250 youth at three urban middle and high schools.

USDA Forest Service (Quincy)

$18,500 towards the Mesa Project which works in tandem with the Plumas National Forest to engage youth with the outdoors.

West County Community Services (Guerneville)

$18,600 towards Voices of the River which is an environmental education program that focuses on building positive relationships with the outdoors, watershed education, and environmental advocacy. *No website available.

Youth Corps - San Jose Conservation Corps

$17,000 to help fund outdoor service-learning projects that take place during the critical after-school hours

Youth Employment Partnership (Oakland)

$19,000 towards Team Oakland Restoration and Environmental Education which is an environmental clean-up and restoration project that provides at-risk youth with job training and education.

Youth Enrichment Strategies (Berkeley)

$18,000 towards Richmond Family Camps which conducts a program that builds family support for camps, along with camp scholarships, for low income urban youth.

YWCA Monterey County

$16,000 to support the Pathways to Discovery Program, an outdoor educational experience for young people who actively utilize their counseling services, or are in the YWCA Safe House, Teen Support Groups, and Mentoring Program.

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